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Amplifi's teams empower your business with
people-centric strategies

From creating compelling campaigns to discovering new customers, we make remarkable things happen.

Campaign strategy

Our skilled Campaign Managers convert audience interest into effective, targeted campaigns ensuring your campaign runs like clockwork, while you receive regular reports to plan your future initiatives and products.

Halo effect

Plus, when our teams visit areas, we deliver an impressive 17% online

sign-up boost on top of on-the-day take-up.

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We've helped subscription brands like HelloFresh achieve D2C greatness. Our approach is simple but powerful - every conversation leaves a positive, lasting message for potential customers. 


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Let's bring your cause closer to those who truly care. Connect with the most experienced and dedicated fundraisers in the field, and share your amazing work with more potential donors

How does it work?

Sharing your story on doorsteps and at events, collecting on the spot sign ups and data.

In person

Over the phone

Giving those who signed up in person a follow-up call to increase both retention levels and customer satisfaction. 

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